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  1. Date set for the 24th of june which is 2wks today.The venue is the Blossoms pub in Lytham st Annes, which if you dont now where that is, its the posh part of Blackpool lancashire.This is open to all Smart car owners.
  2. My Smart is called Zebedee after the character out of the Magic roundabout.We are always bouncing about the area.This is the 1st car that I have owned that perfect strangers let on to you that they have seen you .
  3. Just seeing if any one fancies meeting up in the Blackpool Lytham st Annes area?.We keep on flashing each other on the road so I thought it nwould be a good idea to put a face(humon) to the car
  4. For making me welcome that is what I have found out about use that we seem to make all owners of Smarts welcome.To do with the Punto it was stolen from where I park Zebedee right outside my flat. I had spent no real money on it so no real loss.Zebedee is a far better drive, I drive a wagon for a living on longdistance work.As Mike said when Smarts where 1st introduced into the Uk they ere lhds then they became rhds I do notice it a bit but I just have to remember that Iam a bit further away from the curb ontheoffside. John
  5. Thanks mike for your reply,my Smart has 109500kms on the clock, dont now the amount of kms where on before the rebuild though. Car is LHD as the 1st Smarts in the UK where
  6. Hello from Lytham St Annes also known as the posh part of Blackpool, I live with opposite one of the fairways of Royal Lytham st Annes golf club.My Smart is a 4-2 2000year Passion model.Name for her is Zebedee out of the magic roundabout as we keep bouncing around.I have had her for 5 weeks as my other car was stolen which was a Fiat punto, if this car was found I would not have it back as I like my Smart car to much now.It has had a full engine rebuild in the last 12 months drives like new.If any member wants parts from England & is having trouble getting them let me now & I will see if I can help.John & Zebedee :