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  1. Both reluctor rings of my smart car are broken. ABS and ESP warning lights turns and stay on when I drive above 50km/hr. Brakes and everything else works fine according to my observation. I role back on slope. (I usually avoid such roads and live with it). I think driving that is not an issue if you are careful and road is dry. I just want to fix other lights. I think driving smart car with ABS and ESP light also leads to full front light on and back lights on. (some one can correct me). Is there any way to fix front and back lights when driving with ABS and ESP warning lights on? Thanks
  2. No more replies? Ok. I am gong to follow smart65 advice and do not go far an oil change.
  3. My 2006, 450 diesel is in storage for last 20 months. I may have driven this about 100km in last 20 months. Battery is being kept alive by a charger. Not it is showing oil change -260 days. It works fine and starts on first key. I do not intend to use this much. (it is for backup/ fun ride). Do I need an oil change? What could happen if I do not do that? Thanks.
  4. I am looking for some autoshop or technician in St. John's Newfoundland who can repair my 450 diesel smart car. I am fedup with the dealer and would not like to go there for repairs. Please help me find an autoshop and technician in Newfoundland.Thanks.
  5. I have a related question.Is a smart car with ABS and ESP warning lights on safe to drive below 50km/hr? Brakes and everything else works fine according to my observation. I think there should not be any issue if you are careful and road is dry.Thanks
  6. My 2006 smart for two (450) has an issue and I need help.If I drive this above 60km/hr, I get ABS and ESP lights on and they stay on untill I stop and restart the car. While driving below 50km/hr, I do not get ABS and ESP lights on but I can feel some clicking (most likely ABS relay) and I can see small voltage dips on the dashboard light (about 0.2V, I measured that while driving). Battery is new and fully charged. Frequency of voltage dips and clicking has gone up recently. If I go faster, I get ABS and ESP lights on, clicking and voltage dips stops untill I restart the car and drive again.I checked reluctors rings. Both rear rings are fine, there was a lot of rust that I removed with a screw driver and wire brush and sprayed those with rust check. What might be causing ABS and ESP lights to come on and clicking (felt on accelerator and brake padels) that also leads to a small voltage dip?Thanks
  7. Thanks dmoonen for the tip. I started leaving car in reverse without parking brake on and so far it is working well. Very little sticking. What is PIA?
  8. It is winter time and my 450 brakes are sticking again. If I do not drive for few days, car will not move. I have to push, try to move back and forward with full acceleration to release the brakes. (mainly front brakes) If I do not use hand brake at all while car is parked and use a brick behind the tire. Is that going to help? If I use a brake cleaner, is that going to help? I am also looking for tire chains. (I have winter tires. But I am thinking to use tire chains on the rear wheels) On option is. Are these chains going to help in heavy snow and on slopes? Thanks
  9. I am in St. John's Newfoundland.I have another related question. May be someone with engineering background can reply. See some details at ring has about 42 notches. Each notch will generate a pulse. Reluctor ring when broken is still there rusted and stuck. It will still generate pulses.Only one pulse out of 42 in a revolution will be of slightly a longer duration. How does car computer interprets that as a slipping wheels? In my view car computer cannot do that. It should take average frequency of pulses and make decision on the basis of average frequency. One pulse in a revolutionshould not make a difference. Is my thinking correct? Can someone post a link to a circuit related with reluctor ring please. Tariq
  10. One reluctor ring in my 2005 450 is broken. (Dealship is asking $1200 + labour to replace that. I do not have tools and arrangement to do that myself). In normal weather on straight road can that trigger ESP? (Only once ABS light came on recently) When ESP thinks the car is skidding, can that lead to high current draw and flickering dashboard light? Why that happen? I think that should apply the brakes but I never felt that. Can I avoid that without fixing the reluctor ring? Thanks
  11. I am in St. John's, Newfoundland
  12. My 450 is about 8 year old. So far only driven for 53000km. I took this to dealer to get coolant and brake fluid replaced first time in 8 years. I also got alternator belt replaced. I was told that one of the wheel speed sensor ring is broken/damaged. They suggested to replace axle with ring since they cannot do this separately. I was told it will cost $1200 + labor + sensor cost if that is damaged. It is too much for an old car. Car works fine. On snowy day I have to be very careful since I often get ESP light. No issue in summer. Is there a cheaper option for me? Any way around this problem? My battery is new. Can a broken sensor ring cause slightly flickering dashboard light while car is slowing down or close to gear change condition in auto mode? Thanks
  13. An update. Today morning I checked the battery voltage before I started the car. It was 10.7V. When engine was running, battery voltage went back to 14.2V. This clearly indicate battery is almost dead while alternator is fine. I bought a new battery from the dealership for $130 and replaced that with the old battery. Now flickering is almost gone and car started much quicker. No dip in the voltage when headlights are turned on.I also checked coolant level and brake fluid level. Both levels are within range and both fluids are clear, no sign of any rust, or suspended matter in thesefluids. Do I need to change those? Thanks.
  14. Displays backlight and other lights are flickering in my 450. If I am driving at a constant speed then there is no flickering. I see flicking if I am slowing down. Battery is 7-8 years old but I did not face any issue while starting the car. Battery voltage is also 12V+ This indicates that battery is probably good. What might me the cause of lights flickering? Any solution please? My car is about 8 years old but total milage so far is 53000km. So far I only had regular oil and filter change. Front brake pad and some light bulbs were also replaced as needed. What other maintenance is essential to get this car going for next some years? Do I need to get radiator coolant changed?thanks
  15. An update. I went back to dealership today, they fixed my problem for free. Girl at the counter told me that E-box was not replaced correctly last time I was there. They replaced or connected that back correctly today. I think she did not know what technician did. Paper work was sent for claim under warranty although my car is 6 years old and out of warranty. Most likely technician messed up something last time.