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  1. would have been there but i only found out about it the day before and had all ready had plans.i look forward to the next one
  2. well i thought the smart was a micro car not a mini car so maybe it is the first
  3. i've had mine for about 9 months now and so far i'm still looking at my next car being a smart
  4. I've had my '09 for about 7 months now I've had no issues. you just seem to have a lemon.I'd see about getting it replaced.I hope this experience hasn't turned you off of smart for good.
  5. going to try to make it (half to try to book it off of work)1)Titan - Bill & Shirl2) Tiggre - Amy3) Tony4) Brent & wife5) Huronland6) Scott7) Britsmart8) DaCoz (Gary) & Mandy
  6. i like some of the new features and am indifferent on the restspecifically i like the integrated bluetooth, and mp3 interfaces for the radioi like the full cloth dashthe more efficient engine sounds good, even the petrol i don't care for the navigation (i personally find built in navigation to be too flashy)
  7. im my experience if the engine is running on the 451 the DRL are on but when the key is in the ON position before you start the engine the DRL are offnot ideal because your draining battery with the radio etc... but i only use that for when i'm waiting to pick someone up and don't want to waste gas
  8. the smart is my first car, so i went from no car and borrowing / renting when i needed a car, to borrowing / renting when i need more space.in the 5 months i've had the car I've borrow traded for a matrix(for the 4 seats, and for moving a dresser) and a minivan without seats (moving from one apartment to another)and for the record it's me and my fiancee with just the one vehicle
  9. love the humorand as for the free service i asked about it when i picked up my smart back in dec 09 and that promotion had ended
  10. mine ended up $2000 and a week and a half without my car covered by comprehensive, so 300 deductible
  11. i'm there1) Tiggre- Amy2) Tony3) Titan-Bill & Shirl4) William5) Ron6) jp7) michelle & lorne8) Rich & Tia9) Tardis10) J&J 11) Gary (DaCoz) & Mandy
  12. well for mine it's going to cost aprox $1400 to repair/replace the damaged parts of my 3 month old smart the lower grill center panel front under mount and rad were all damaged
  13. wow same thing happened to my fiancee last night in my '09 smart
  14. i have black/black with grey interior it does show the dirt alot morebut it still looks good
  15. well if this becomes a regular meet just switch between thursday and friday every other meet that way those who can't make one are more able to make the other