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  1. I've been using this "app", which is really just a webpage (https://app.secure.smart.com/app/), for nearly 3 years now very successfully. I've even been getting email alerts when my car is fully charged. See this pic of the last one I got on April 22: But now the app is not working any more and this is the message I get when I try to visit the page and login: Does anyone know what is going on with it? I haven't gotten any notice of cancelling this service from Mercedes. Shouldn't they inform the users before doing something this?
  2. Ok, it looks like the build and price page is up and running again for the Bolt: http://www.chevrolet.ca/byo-vc/client/en/CA/chevrolet/bolt-ev/2018/bolt-ev/trim We just put a deposit down on a Bolt at a GM dealership. They told us that we will likely have to wait a full year to take delivery! So we're looking at April 2019.
  3. Yes I noticed that as well. But I just assumed it was always that way. So if I were to order a Bolt, would I have to wait a long time to take delivery?
  4. Does anyone on this site own or lease a Chevy Bolt? I'm somewhat interested in looking into a Bolt when my lease is up on my 2015 smart ED in July 2018. The main reason I'm looking to switch is because of the increased range with the Bolt, and the possibility of putting a child seat in the Bolt. Any opinions on the Bolt? Thanks.
  5. My experience with my 2015 Smart ED is that it heats up (both air and seats) way faster than any ICE car I've ever driven. And it will keep heating without any time limit (that I've noticed). So your experience doesn't make sense to me! Maybe the new 2018 version is different? My 3-year lease is up in 6 months and I like the car, so I'm thinking to keep it, especially since I hear that there have been virtually no improvements on the 2018 version.
  6. Am I reading this correctly, that there is no correlation between temperature and energy usage?
  7. This story was on the 6:00pm news on CBC radio today! Sounds pretty scary! It sounds like they were engine fires. Thank goodness my smart has no engine!
  8. Just read the same story here: http://www.hybridcars.com/smart-transitioning-over-to-electric-only-vehicles-in-north-america/?utm_source=hyc02152017&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=weekly_newsletter Then I came right here to see if anyone else had posted it. Wow, I have to say that I am quite surprised by this move!
  9. I used another Level 2 charger in the Barrie area, at Georgian College. In -10°C weather, I drove 50km from home to the college, with roughly 20 km range left when I got there. So I definitely could not have made it back home without charging. I used their charger and was able to charge my Smart ED up to 100% in only 3 hours! The only catch is that you DO have to pay to park on campus: $6 (coins only!) on your way out of the gated college property. To find the charging station, just drive around Ring Rd and you will see the 4-vehicle station with solar panel roof on the side of the road across from the Skills building (location marked in the above link). There were 2 Level chargers open to the public and 2 labelled for authorized use only. Luckily 1 of the public ones was free (on a Friday around noon) when I arrived. To use the public chargers, you need to register your license plate at http://georgianevstation.herokuapp.com. Also, I've read from other posts that the entrance to the college is only open on weekdays from 7am-11pm.
  10. What is the web address of the vehicle homepage? The link I tried http://vh.smart.com/ doesn't seem to work from Internet Explorer.
  11. Thanks, I tried this and it worked! I just wanted to add for future reference to others that the "central unlocking switch" is the unlock button on the car's dashboard and the "button # on the key" means the unlock button on the key.
  12. Is there a way to prevent the doors from locking? I find it pretty anoying when I go to the back hatch after driving and it's always locked.
  13. I found a really good Level 2 charger at Power Stream Inc in Vaughan, Ontario. The charging station in front of the building, just off of the street, is a "DC fast charger" also known as a Level 3 charger, mainly for Teslas. I didn't realize at first, but this one will not work with the Smart ED. However, they have Level 2 chargers at the back of the building, where they plug in their own Nissan Leafs. An employee of PowerStream helped me out last Friday evening and directed me to the back of the building to the Level 2 chargers and said they were free to use, especially on weekends when PowerStream doesn't use them much. I drove 115 km, mostly on the highway to get to this charger and it worked great!
  14. To log in to this page (http://vh.smart.com), it looks like I need the VIN # and the VVC code. Where would I get the VVC code? Is it written on the car somewhere? I checked all the manuals and other documents I received and couldn't find it. Edit: I finally found it! It was on a printout that was given to me, which I forgot that I put in the glove compartment.
  15. Thanks. I got the lease at the Innisfil dealership. I just picked it up today. It was their last 2015 and it sounds like they wanted to clear it out. By the way, I just plugged in for the first time and it looks like the display is showing 22 hrs to charge from 50% SOC to full. Does that sound right?