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  1. Is anyone interested in trading their yellow 451 panels for white or black panels? Located in Toronto.
  2. Wow that's rough! And I thought that my 2005 pulse cabrio had it bad! I bought it off-lease and it had had its cabrio top & mechanical assembly completely replaced by Toronto Downtown MB a few months before I bought it. No idea how many thousand $ that would have cost. Then, while I owned it for two years, I had the following repairs done under warranty: - The SAM was replaced and both keys had to be reprogrammed. This was after several hours of testing all sorts of engine wiring due to a fuse blowing; turns out that there was also a grounding issue which had to be repaired. I think there was about 7 hours of labour on this. - due to an oil leak the oil filler neck cap was replaced and the entire engine compartment had to be cleaned - due to water leaks into the passenger compartment, deformed rubber roof seals above both doors had to be replaced. This was after the dealership spent two or three hours diagnosing the source of the leaks. - EGR valve replacement, injectors cleaned - due to a/c not working, the refrigerant lines were replaced and the a/c was refilled a couple of times [first time with dye so they could figure out where the leaks were]. Assorted o-rings and underfloor trim had to be replaced too. - Engine intercooler fan replaced - Due to the airbag light being on the wiring harness was repaired. - replacement of front suspension lower ball joints A few months after the warranty expired, we traded the pulse in on a 451 cabrio. We haven't had any issues of note with the 451.
  3. I have seen several on the road in the west GTA. One of them was owned by some sort of business [company logo, address & phone # decals the doors].
  4. I have a replacement front spoiler for my 451 arriving shortly. It's factory primed flat black so you can paint it. I don't want to change the colour. Can I mount it as is or should I spray it with a clear coat to protect it? Thanks Thanks for the two replies below - I should have clarified that this is not an OEM smart front spoiler. Rather its a Carlsson front spoiler which is primed flat black. I have attached a picture
  5. The very first smart I saw in Canada was a silver 450 Brabus cabrio that was on display inside a Bell Mobility store in Cloverdale Shopping Mall in Etobicoke (west Toronto). This was about a year before they started selling the 450 cdi in Canada. The staff in the store got use to telling passerby's that the car was not for sale anywhere. No idea how they got this smart through Transport Canada.
  6. Well maybe its just me and/ or the poor condition of roads in the GTA but I go through 1-4 headlamps a year [high beams & low beams]. Last year I had to also replace a couple of the rear light bulbs. There has been a couple of times through the years when I ended up with both low beams out. The first time I took it to the stealership thinking it was an electrical problem as both lights were out, so I thought the work would be covered under warranty. No such luck. I paid ~$200 for two bulbs to be replaced AND one of the H7 bulbs was not mounted properly so I had a real hard time replacing it a year or two later. That's amazing when you are paying a MB mechanic $125 an hour not to mount replacement bulbs properly. Since then I have kept a stock of cheap H7 bulbs readily available. They are about $1-2 apiece delivered from Chinese vendors through versus $15+HST for a generic H7 bulb at CanTire. For the high beams I now use H7 led's which shouldn't be a susceptible to physical damage [resulting from hitting pot holes and other bits of rough road]. They cost $2-3 each delivered from Chinese vendors through Unfortunately though described as high / low beam led bulbs, they don't work as low beams; that is they are very dim as compared to a regular H7 bulb. I guess that they don't get enough amperage or something.
  7. I'm looking for a complete set of new or used yellow body panels for a smart 451 [ie 2008-2015] either to buy or swap out. I have a set of white panels that I am currently using which I would swap. I also have a complete set of black panels to swap; but the front driver's side panel [aka left front fender] is damaged so I would throw in the cost to replace it [its about $180 + HST].
  8. I have this up for sale for $100 OBO. Used for about a week then been in the basement ever since. Pickup in west end city of Toronto. Here's the catalogue description: Cape car cover: A protective cover for any smart that doesn’t have its own garage. Water-repellent, breathable. smart part # 0013385 V001 CE8A 00 I've attached a picture from a parts catalogue showing it covering a 450 along with a picture of the label on mine.
  9. Got a few odds n ends left over from assorted upgrades to my 2009 passion. Everything is as is - no warranties etc. Located in west end city of Toronto for pickup of stuff. These are suggested prices which are all OBO. SOLD $100 for the four stock all season tires off my 2009. In the range of 15,000kms on them [about one year of use]. SOLD $150 for a stock exhaust system. This came off at the 40,000km mark. $200 for a new [never used] 451 "sport" front spoiler. It fits over the stock 451 front lip. Its unfinished grey matte colour. I suppose if you have silver body panels it might look OK as is. $100 for an "upgrade" 451 exhaust system; single pipe which goes out the centre. I bought it used. Ran it for a 100km or so but was too noisy for me. There is a small hole which will have to be rewelded. Also includes a modified stock grey panel that sits at the bottom of the rear end of the smart, which covers the exhaust. A hole has been cut out in the centre for this exhaust. $200 for a complete stock 451 suspension system. Swapped it out for a Billstein sport suspension. That was roughly at the 25,000km point. Also, I'm looking for a complete set of yellow body panels if anyone wants to swap them for any of the above + cash on my part. Or I have a set of white panels on the smart right now that I would be willing to swap out for your yellow panels. Alternatively I have a set of black panels with damage to the driver side front fender [a rip a few inches long] that I could swap for your yellow panels. These were used for about 50,000km. Will throw in the $ to buy a replacement front fender panel.
  10. I was in Germany in May and saw a number of 453's on the street. I was hoping that seeing the 453 in person would change my opinion. Unfortunately I have to say they are just plain ugly in real life. It looks like MB/Renault crossed the dna of a smart with an suv. I was hoping that a mid-generation refresh might make the front end look a bit less unappealing but seeing the 453 in person makes it clear that's impossible. Even the rear end looks ugly. I saw a 453 in a flat grey body colour (I assume that was a stock choice and not an after market custom paint job) which didn't look quite as bad but I think that's because that particular colour softens the boxy front end. The ugliest had to be an orange four door which I saw a number of times. I think smart stands to sell a lot of these as they do seem to be well equipped with tons of nice features & options. Unfortunately I can't see myself being one of those buyers. Oh well. Each to their own. I'm sure a lot of 450 owners felt the same about the 451.
  11. I have a 2009 smart cabrio and the a/c system stopped working properly towards the end of last summer. Does anybody recommend a shop located in west end Toronto that could have a look at it? I suspect / hope it just has to be refilled with coolant. Note that I have read through assorted threads on the topic of a/c not working both here on csc & smart car of america. I've decided its not worth the hassle trying to refill myself. thanks in advance for any leads!
  12. Yeah here's hoping that they bring over a REAL Brabus 453 with the tuned turbo engine option. Mind you the 90HP turbo should be able to accept a remap to juice it up another 5-10hp. I read somewhere that the Brabus 453 will have a different front grill & spoiler which hopefully will make the front end look half ways acceptable.
  13. Thanks for the info re:bumper height regs. I agree with you on the new front end - I don't care for it at all but perhaps it will grow on me. I think that its great that they have moved the battery under the hood which now gives more foot space for the passenger seat and allows it to be lined up with the driver's seat, but I don't like the resulting larger front hood. I am really hoping that the brabus version will have different grill work along with a proper front spoiler - it has to look better than the passion version [it sure couldn't look uglier].
  14. Yeah kind of odd designations of Prime and Proxy. Here is hoping that the cabrio is introduced the following year - for the first generation smart in Europe it took several years before the cabrio came along. I would guess that all three designations of Passion, Prime and Proxy would have a cabrio option if it gets introduced, in Europe at least. I am also hoping its just a delay in introducing the brabus option and that's why there was no mention of it yesterday. However, they say in the press release that a sports suspension is an option so perhaps the brabus version is extinct.There is no mention of an electric version either.Perhaps with the fofour being introduced at the same time, they haven't been able to sort out the logistics of having cabrio, electric drive train and brabus options available from the get go.It wouldn't surprise me if the forfour gets introduced into Canada but not the US, just like the smart cdi and the previous generation B class mercedes. Perhaps it will be the only new smart in NA that will have the turbo option available. Sort of like the Fiat 500L which has the turbo engine as standard in NA but is an option in the Fiat 500 3 door.According to the German press release, the turbo engine in 898cc displacement not 999cc like the 71HP engine plus it has the stop/start feature. I wonder who the source of the 898cc engine is? Renault? I assume that this smaller engine is as fuel efficient as the 71HP 999cc setup so perhaps that would make it more likely to appear in NA.I think it would be a disaster for smart if all they brought over was the 60hp 5 speed manual.I don't care much for the the front end appearance of the new fortwo - its too boxy and flat. It makes our current generation fortwo look relatively sleek in comparison. I think the forfour is just plain ugly. Perhaps with time my opinion could change as I get use to these.Something which is not at all clear is when we will see this new generation smart in NA. I checked the Canadian smart website and there is no mention of the upcoming new generation smart. Our current generation smart was brought over to NA about a year after it was introduced in Europe as a 2007 model. In Canada we had no 2007 model smarts. Will history repeat itself and smart will take a year to sort out the details and logistics on the NA version of the new generation before it comes over?All that said, if they offer a brabus turbo cabrio fortwo here in NA I will seriously consider it.