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  1. Iain. I use mine while I'm on the Metro to get busy work (billing spreadsheets, contracts, etc) done. It's much easier to conceal and much easier/cheaper to replace than my HP lappy (so I have less worry of it getting ripped off).I also like the fact that if I'm wearing baggy cargo pants, I can stick in in a side pocket.

  2. Well, I decided to give them a call today regarding any updates on dealerships and deliveries outside of the lower 48... strictly for my curiosity.What the rep told me flabbergasted me."We don't want the cars sold in Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska" WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?I am in disbelief and frankly quite angry I heard that. I was (and still am) considering putting forth another $99 for a new reservation to get my R32 a friend (actually, I want a daily commuter that's a little easier to live with since I've had the R32 for less than a year and it's on its first trip to the body shop due to daily life on these roads, anyway back on topic). I really do hope that is a single employees opinion as opposed to a corporate opinion, otherwise I may have to look at other brands for a daily driver.

  3. My brother has gotten a quote for his (eventual arrival) in Miami through Progressive. $2494/6 mos, full coverage. 27 yo single male, postgraduate degree, 670 beacon, owns house, $0 debt.I asked him to forward the rest of the quotes to me when they arrive.**edit**he just told me that he's not giving out his SSN for the quotes, so the rate should go down when he gives it.

  4. So the end of this story.There's still been no word on Smart deliveries here, so I cancelled my order. On top of this, the Jetta ended up having problems with the clutch. Apparently it was damaged during the shipping, but since the damage took so long to surface, the shipping insurance basically told me to piss off. So I did what any sane person whose girlfriends dad owns a car dealership would do- I sold the car for spares and with that money (and some other money I put aside + money from the sale of two of my guitars + the money I saved by not buying the POS Wagoneer and inheriting an late model 4Runner + a small personal loan) bought a new VW R32 :D I have this for the daily commute and weekend surf/dive trips, and the 4Runner for the mountains.

  5. Mike, our old S-Class arrived through North Carolina (not sure where, but I specifically remember NC). Also, MB has some business in Port of Mobile... probably just receiving for the Tuscaloosa plant, but still. Last, call me regional, but I feel that San Juan, Ponce (PR), and Honolulu are also worth checking out, since the only way cars are arriving there is via boat :)

  6. Yeah, make sure that gets on the agenda! We'll make that happen. But really, "Site Feedback" is the place for suggestions unless for some reason its a suggestion you want to keep private.hey MKT... where was PR supposed to go? Because I'm sure I did it but now I can't find it either. Did I do it before the actual change over when it was just the test site? Now I can't remember :) - Steven

    PR/USVI would fall under South Atlantic :) Guam and the countless other Pacific territories would be under Pacific.