A not-terribly-optimistic view of the future of Smart in North America

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I'd still lease another ED in a second, if my lease was ending and the new model was available, but Nikki doesn't paint a rosy picture. If MB replaces the Smart ED with their own EVs, I have a hard time believing that they'd retain their claim to "most affordable EV."

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Yes.  I am a subscriber to Nikki's channel.   She's spot on.   Not a Smart hater, she's owned one, so "get's it".   


I truly WANT a 453 2018 Smart ED convertible, but cannot rationalise that purchase decision given all of the dynamics of the EV market moving so rapidly forward.

It might only be a few years away that someone sells a Miata-like EV ... and then I'll jump.

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It looks to me like the Smart ED will limp along, at best, in NA.  Inconsistent and sloppy messaging by MB/Smart management, lack of attention to the market requirements, poor delivery, etc.  That just doesn't evoke brand confidence.


There's definitely an existing prejudice for ICE in the market but that is something that will change as more and more EVs are on the road.  We see it with our friends and colleagues.   Three years ago it was a polite "well, you're a crazy treehugger, and that would never work for us" and now there is a lot of interest and consideration about a future EV purchase.


If MB were serious they'd have at least boosted the battery a bit more and put in CCS.   Heck, the iMiEV had ChaDeMo seven years ago, so its not that hard to do.


Its a shame, because the 453 is a nice improvement on the 451. 


Sadly the ForFour ED has the same battery as the ForTwo, so it has less range, and no fast charging.  And won't be sold in NA.



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I owned a Smart ED for two years and put 27000 kms on it, mostly highway, an 80 km round trip. I liked it very much but traded it in

on a new 453.  If the  ED's range could be  increased to 200 kms, I would buy another  tomorrow.   

Discontinuing the gasoline powered 453 will likely send me to another make next time.

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