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  1. The restaurant was Bernies in Byron
  2. Sounds good Ron. We could get together soon and check out these routes and stops. Let me know what works for you. Hard to get away during the week but weekends are good
  3. Hey Ron Elaine and I did some day tripping the last 2yrs after the plunket show with a few American smarties that came up for the Plunket show. We did a backroad run up to goderich and back. Also did the Sparta run up tp port Stanley to port Burwell back through Aylmer to London. Also ran Sarnia south along the st clair river to Dresden and back to London. I would be all for another run similar to the mystery run. There is some interest with some Americans also that we could put the word out to. Let us know what you come up with or need help with. John & Elaine
  4. My 2009 Limited Three has 185463kms on it. My 2016passion has 17260kms
  5. Hey William

    Last minute change . We are meeting at the Howard Johnson motel this morning at 10am. Sorry for the change It is at the corner of wellington fr and Exeter rd. Entrance off of Exeter road


  6. Elaine and I will be there with our 2009Ltd Three and Our 2016 passion.Not sure where to post this and this is last minute. We planned a country drive for Friday Aug4 around Lambton county and A run SaturdayAug 5 in elgin county. Would invite anyone from the London area to join us. Friday would be leaving the Tim Hortons in Komoka at 930am. Saturdays run would be leaving the Tim Hortons in Lambeth 10am. Hope to see some London smarties there John& Elaine P.S. bring your FRS Radio's Change In Plans. Will meet at the Howard John Motel Saturday morning at the corner of Wellington and Exeter Rd. Entrance is off oof Exeter rd. Sorry for the change John
  7. I also purchased a 2016 passion with a sport package. I ran mine down to 2.5 litres remaining and put in 25.6 litres. So I am short about 5 litres. Sorry to hear that Mercedes fix didn't work. Only heard of one in the USA that said his is reading correctly now. I hope to look into this in the spring. Just wondering if they gave you any software updates with the new tank?I thought they had to recaliburate the sensor in the new tank??
  8. Ihave a JL Autio 6inch sub that came from Smart Madness and a 250 watt Pioneer Amp for sale. This sub is made to go under passenger dash. This came out of a 2009 smartcar . Would like $350 for the pair. I am from the Strathroy Ontario area
  9. I have a JL Audio 6 inch sub and a Pioneer 250watt amp for sale This sub goes under passenger side dash and is made for a 451 smartcar. originally from Smart Madness. I am from the Strathroy area . This came out of a 2009 smartcar. Would like $300 dollars. Youcan cotact me at smartcarjohn@live .ca
  10. Elaine and John will be there (Adelaide J)
  11. Nothing in London MB yet
  12. Check your brakes. I had this happen a few winters ago. My brakes and calipers were rusted up bad. Took them apart and cleaned and lubricated the pins and all was well
  13. Hi Everybody Adelaide J here. How late is to late to show up?? I would like to go after work but because I cross a border with a Transport it is hard to predict when I am done. Sign me up and hope to be there between 7 to 8 pm if that,s ok??
  14. Yes I had future shop hook my J L Auto sub to my 451 radio. He hooked it up to the wires that feed the stock under seat sub