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  1. Thanks everyone! I ended up buying the Group 47 Motomaster Eliminator battery from Canadian Tire and it's working great @Leadwing was also kind enough to come and help me install it, even in the freezing cold!!!
  2. Hi there! Just wondering if anyone has ever removed the plastic door storage pieces from the 2005 Smart Pure Cabriolet to replace them with netting? I find the plastic to be slightly impractical since not much fits in it. A door net would be great since I could use it as an extra cup holder seeing as the standard drink holder is extremely shallow. Thanks! Audrey
  3. Hi there! I couldn't find it online but does anyone know what type of battery would work in the 2005 Smart ForTwo? I can order from either Walmart, Canadian Tire or Amazon.ca so I'm looking for suggestions. Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks! Unfortunately I already purchased the 125W pad, hopefully it should do the trick.
  5. Will the 250W Polar Pad fit the 2005 Smart ForTwo? The heater's dimensions are 3.5 in x 5.125 in x .075 in. I couldn't find the exact dimensions of the oil pan unfortunately.. Thanks! Audrey.
  6. That's good to hear! I'm hoping that when I start mine this afternoon the same thing will happen
  7. This is my car!
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! Unfortunately I had to leave it at work overnight on Saturday due to the fact that it wouldn't start at all (even when attempting to jump start it). Yesterday we jump started it using a friends car, then used a charger on the battery for the afternoon and it started that evening after work. I'm looking into getting an oil pan heater for it as that seems to be about the same in function as the block heater (as well as much cheaper). Hopefully it'll all work out and The Smartie will live through the winter!
  9. Hi there! This will be my first winter with my 2005 diesel smart car. It's been extremely cold these past few days and my car has not been able to start. I was told that leaving it plugged in for an hour in the morning before work using the block heater would help. I got the car used and unfortunately I don't really know much about cars although I'm eager to learn. There's what I'm assuming is the converter on the left front of the car, I was told the block heater was sold separately and directly from Mercedes-Benz. If anyone could provide some insight on this (ie. pictures of what either would look like?) or provide feedback on how they keep their cars going in the winter it would be much appreciated!! Audrey